Food Compounds develops entirely new food concepts on behalf of its customers or devises improvements in existing products. The food premixes we develop are reliable, homogenous and stable. This ensures:

  • greater quality of your end product as regards perception, taste, health or shelf life.
  • an efficient production process and lower cost prices.



Food Compounds translates every request into an ingredient mix, with the point of departure for the customer being:

  • functionality;
  • user-friendliness;
  • cost control.

The researchers at Food Compounds start by carrying out a literature study in the company's own scientific database and additional sources. This results – in close consultation with you the customer – in a theoretical solution model for the modification of product characteristics, or new end products. Outside the immediate order domain, Food Compounds also carries out its own fundamental research in areas like hydrocolloid systems, synergisms and ingredient manipulation. This has resulted in a unique knowledge databank which helps to make Food Compounds uniquely distinctive.



Every theoretical solution model is assessed. Food Compounds has a modern and fully equipped laboratory. This is where the theory is transformed into test models. The result is reproducible insights into the feasibility of the model in the customer's practical situation. Your production situation is translated to the lab to ensure that the end result is as realistic as possible.


The Food Compounds laboratory also plays an important role in the quality control of all incoming ingredient flows and outgoing premixes.



Test kitchen

Eventually your product has to perform satisfactorily in the consumer's kitchen. That is why preparations take place in a fully equipped test kitchen. It is here that a number of alternative end products are baked, grilled or cooked. This results in a product choice which is optimally suited to your goal.



Tasting salon

You can assess the food prepared in the test kitchen in the tasting salon. This room, and its pleasant ambiance, is also available for use by Special Taste Panels. You will be issued with a detailed report.