Mission and vision

Premise for a sustainable and healthy life

Food is the basis of our existence. It helps the body to grow, improves bodily functions and provides protection against illness. Healthy food is an essential part of a sustainable society and a sustainable natural environment. Consumers have high demands when it comes to food quality. More and more people prefer natural raw materials which have not undergone any chemical processing. Over-sensitivity to foodstuffs is on the increase and with that the demand for allergen-free – including gluten-free – products.

Food Compounds wants to be the best developer and supplier of food premixes. Food Compounds is constantly looking for new solutions as regards product characteristics, sustainability, naturally-based ingredients, allergen-free products and increasingly stringent quality requirements. Food Compounds wants to contribute to a healthy and sustainable society through innovative research into, and high-quality production of, premixes for the foodstuffs industry. A society in which everyone has access to safe and tasty food.